Journey to EMOZ - diary entry 1

Journey to EMOZ - to the one and only museum for origami in Europe in Spain

May 20th was my mom's birthday. A special one - it was her 70th. And exactly on that day I received an email from the museum asking me if I would like to be a part in an exhibition by the end of the year. 

What an amazing birthday present since I couldn't celebrate with mom.

I needed to 2 days to calm myself down. Unfortunately I was not very successful. I'm literally freaking out.

I get to submit up to 12 arrangements and they pick what they think is suitable for their exhibition. So no pressure at all. 

I have tons of work to do. I just started my business that I have to maintain and now I need to create arrangements that can fulfill the honor of being displayed in a museum.

Thank god a have some arrangements at home that are presentable but it's certainly not enough. So I thought I should dedicate my blog entries talking about and showing how to create honorable flower arrangements. Let this be the journey to fun, creativity and beauty!

I will let everybody be a part of traveling to my creative mind which is often a bit chaotic. When I start creating something I have a vision but never a clear picture. I usually start with picking a color theme - which means coloring the paper. After that I start folding the blossoms. And this is where I'm at right know. 

I have folded approximately 90 blossoms so far. And guess what - I even made a tutorial. My first tutorial! I didn't get the chance to edit it. It already took forever taping it. I have to say it is very difficult to fold without having my fingers in your visual way.  Honestly there is no chance for me to get everything done in a satisfying way. I can't get around my two boys. Although there are 9 and 12 years old they still need me. At least to cook dinner and for doing the laundry. I promise I will work on the editing part when I'm done with all my arrangements. 

My work so far over the weekend.

My work so far over the weekend.

This is what you can achieve by watching two baseball games.

This is what you can achieve by watching two baseball games.

Look at the pictures. It's always the same blossom but looks totally different - this is why the blossom is called Manifold Flower.


Tomorrow I will show you how to make the calyx for this flower.