Journey to EMOZ - diary entry 2

I was about to leave for tennis when I got a call from the school nurse. I had to pick up my son from school because he had a bad cough. The nurse suggested making an appointment with the doctor to have it checked out.

My whole morning was completely planed out and then again everything changed.

I took a deep breath and tried to adjust my work schedule in my mind.

I cancelled my intent to go on the treadmill.

I made some BottleNecklaces instead.

I tried to take some pictures but it there was not enough light – it was too cloudy.

We went to the doctor.

I made the tutorial.

I made lunch, cleaned the kitchen a little bit and that was it.

In between the afternoon activities I stated folding the calyxes.

It is 8:30 now and I know I will fall asleep after 5 minutes of watching TV.

I hope I will get more done tomorrow.