Getting Sidetracked

At night while watching TV I tend to do some research to get  inspired. I like to see what other artists do. What colors they use etc.

I found a blog where somebody was explaining how to make some balls out of paper that can be used as christmas ornaments, eastereggs or just for decoration in general. I liked the idea and of course tried it first thing in the morning. I can never resist, ever. I always get sidetracked by things I like and haven't done before.

Things that look great, easy and relatively fast to make are difficult to find. I highly recommend these balls. They look very pretty.

All you need is a punch and paper, a little bit of ribbon and glue.


Don't they look cute?!

I just thought the gaps were a little bit too big for my taste. I wanted the balls to look a bit more dense. For the balls in the picture above I used 18 pieces of paper and in the picture below I used 36 pieces for the turquoise/brown one.

And as usual surrounded by my beautiful paper in the basement a thousand other ideas came through my head.

Fist idea of course was creating a flower. I starte playing with the paper and it reminded me of a fuchsia. Using an oval shaped punch helped creating petals. The question was how to glue them together. I started like this.

So after finishing the flower I wasn't happy with the petals. I tried again and gluing the paper in a different way brought me to a happy place.

Satisfied with the flower prototype I saw a necklace on my work table and the next idea was born. I used a very small punch for the circles and ta da. I have to work more on this idea but honestlyn I wanted to do totally different stuff.

One little idea transformed into a flower and an idea for jewelry making. I honestly have a love hate relationship with the internet. Anyway, I would really like to know whether it's just me or if getting sidetracked happens to you too.

I will do a tutorial for the paper balls after I have done my taxes which I'm working on right now.

Stay tuned and let me know about your "getting sidetracked issue".